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  • How do I know the product I brought is an original?
    Each piece by Couture is stamped, numbered and signed by the designer Lorenza Bozzoli on the lining. This is the sign of the originality of the product and mark of authenticity.
  • Can I customise the colours of the Fringes of the pouf?
    Yes, we have over 75 colours of fringes availaible which can be used to customise the pouf. Send an email or an inquiry to our designer and they will help you select the perfect colours as per your mood.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we do ship internationally but the shipping exprense is bourne by the client.
  • Can I customise my own fabric for the top of the pouf?
    Yes, you can customise your own fabric for the top of the pouf. In the above image; special designer fabric like the embroidered silk fabric from fashion designer Cristian Lacroix Maison is used to make the pouf and an example of complete customization. The design and color combinations of fringes are suggested by the designer of any such custom fabrics provided by the client to develop an avant-garde personalized piece.
  • How much time does it take to receive a product from Couture post order?
    After the order has been placed and the initial payment made, we take 4 weeks to deleiver the product.
  • Do you customise sizes and styles?
    Yes, according to your requirement, the shapes, sizes, colours and styles are completely customisable. But the price of the product might vary for the customised sizes. These products will take approximately 6 weeks to deleiver.
  • What is the payment procedure?
    50 percent of the payment is received for the confirmation of the order and the rest 50 percent is received before the shipping of the product. The transpor cost is in addition to the cost of the piece.
  • Do you provide any images of colours or design options which need to be customised?
    All pieces at Couture are bespoke and completely customisable. High quality renders and colour options are provided by the designer, and after the approval of the client; the piece goes into production.
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